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The following concept is aiming at delivering the most effective solution to achieve business objectives of the Customer.

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As a central element of the solution, a virtual server located in the customer’s infrastructure serves the communication needs between the various production systems and the applications, and is responsible for ensuring the suitable business logics. If required, each modular program can be accessed remotely via a secure VPN channel using appropriate access rules.



„I would like to tell you about the wow-factor in connection with using your application: in the first few days, our colleagues just followed us with interest, wondering what we were doing with those goggles on our heads, however, when we asked them to try it, they were floored by the fact that it is possible to develop systems that have real use in a production environment!“

„On behalf of the whole test engineering team, I would like to express our excitement about the possibility to participate in this project. I am sure that step by step, we will be able to achieve everything on the list of functions we have dreamt up, and that we will have some great new ideas and suggestions along the way.“

„I have participated in a number of presentations recently where I was showed what this technology is capable of and the functions it may be able to perform. However, this is the first application which is finally realistic and not just a concept! It was developed to fulfill a specific and real business need and I can believe it is up to the task!”